Since 2007 ESTER LIPSCH has been responsible for high-profile projects in Interior Design both in the private- and the small business market. ESTER LIPSCH guarantees excellent quality: contemporary design with a pure and cosmopolitan style. Creative force behind studio ESTER LIPSCH is Ester Lipsch. She is technically unequalled and able to translate your desires into an interior in which your own signature is leading, combined with the comfort a specialist of an interior designer know how to add.

“In the meantime I have been delivering many interior projects turnkey, which is normal outside of the Netherlands, but in the Netherlands my clients experience this as quite a relief. For me it is extremely fulfilling to see someone entering the building or room, can’t believe their eyes and then starts to shine! “ It’s the ultimate crown on my work, that’s what I want to accomplish, together with you”.

“Everything I come up with, I can work out. But I can also just advice. I always make a plan first to clear up the process and its costs. After a first conversation in my studio, I start to work on a customized interior advice. This is possible for a single room, all rooms of the house or office; anything is possible. I present my advice in 2D or 3D. In this way you can genuinely walk through your house and experience how it eventually will become. Of course, all products used in the presentation can be obtained from Ester Lipsch. From furniture, lighting, flooring to curtains and wall decoration”.